Video Door Entry


Video door entry (also known as a video intercom or video doorphone) is a stand-alone intercom system used to manage calls made at the entrance to a building (residential complex, detached family home, workplace, etc.) with access controlled by audiovisual communication between the inside and outside. The main feature of video door entry is that it enables the person indoors to identify the visitor and, if (and only if) they wish, engage in conversation and/or open the door to allow access to the person calling.


Video door entry consists of both outside and indoor elements: a outdoor panel on the outside, an electronic lock release and an indoor monitor. The outdoor panel or street panel is installed beside the entrance door or gateway and incorporates different elements ready for use in any climate conditions: one or several pushbuttons to make the call (usually one per home or apartment), a micro camera adapted for night vision to capture the image of the caller, a microphone to pick up their voice and a speaker to reproduce the voice of the occupant indoors. A video door entry panel may include push buttons to call the homes or offices and a camera to capture the street scene. The video entry monitor allows the occupant to see who has called, talk to the visitor and open the door. Installed indoors, the monitor consists of a screen showing the image of the person calling, a microphone and earpiece for conversation and a pushbutton to trigger the door lock release. The communication set up is full duplex. The electric door release is a device installed in the door lock and operated from inside the building to lift the latch and clear the way for the visitor.

Common equipment types

There are several variations on this basic format. In addition to outdoor panels with one pushbutton per apartment, it is possible to find others with a numeric keypad: in this case, designed for large residential installations, the homes are identified by codes. Others have built-in cardholders panels or even small screens to guide the user or facilitate entry for people with disabilities. Some video entry monitors have an earpiece similar to a telephone handset, while others are “hands-free”. Other examples are monitors with memories which store an image every time someone calls at the door or touchscreen video entry systems.

Automatic operation

When a visitor presses one of the outdoor panel pushbuttons, the built-in camera is connected and the image captured outdoors appears on the monitor screen. Connection takes place automatically with no need to activate the equipment, which is one of the essential elements of video door entry. As of this point, the person inside the building can open the door if they wish or begin a conversation, which is usually secret (cannot be heard by other users of the same facility). The equipment also disconnects automatically after a set time has elapsed. The video entry system as a whole runs on low voltage energy from the building’s trunk

We are dealers of TCP/IP Video Door Phone System from Honeywell

Honeywell TCP/IP Video Door Phone System

 DoorPhoneBlend of Classic Look and State-of-the-art Technology

The brand new IS-6500 TCP/IP Video Door Phone System which is exquisite in look, material and workmanship is the upshot of Honeywell’s century-manufacturing expertise in home automation control and R&D capability in security and smart home products. Based on internet TCP/IP technology, and audio and video signal digital transmission, Honeywell IS-6500 TCP/IP Video Door Phone System is easy to install, manage and upgrade. The expected forthcoming seamless interaction between IS-6500 Video Door Phone System with the Honeywell MoMas™ Community-wide Integrated Smart Home Solutions provides infinite possibilities of expandable intelligent community solutions.

Glamorous Look

20 mm ultra-slim streamlined curve design, a combination of modern luxury and simplicity.
Flat-screen vandal resistant glass makes scratches difficult to stay.
Gold and silver like metal matte paint coating.

Quality Design

Capacitive touch screen technology makes your operation more accurate, more responsive and more user-friendly.
Control interface is wholly based on user experience, nice and user-friendly.
Backgrounds, icons and structure layouts are extremely intuitive.

Reliable Performance

High compatibility with Honeywell integrated smart home systems MoMas™, providing a highly infinite intelligent residential community solution.
Leading security technology incorporates the professional-level intrusion alarm function with the intercom system to help create a safe community.


Communication between property owner and visitors
Communication with neighbours
Communication with property owners and security guards
Inhouse inter-communication, Supports up to 8 subphones
Door striker release and management center call (HSP-2000)
Supports 2 door cameras
Command center and building security guards communication
Visitor triple identification (community/building/unit)
Call forwarding and multi-level management
Management center cal l shortcut on GUI


Store up to 30 visitor photos for property owners and management center
3 away messages, 60 second each
Home page visitor record and message notice


Security scenario customization: Away/Home/Sleep
6 customized security zones, 224-hour protection zones (fire/gas), 2 emergency buttons
System self-diagnostics, alarm for abnormal zones
Password and time delay setup
Bypassed zone under Away scenario
Alarm popup on GUI and onsite alarm buzzing
Concurrent management center notification and alarm buzzing
In emergency, ‘ Help 1’ to notify security guards and management center with onsite alarm buzzing
‘Help 2’ to notify security guards and management center without onsite alarm buzzing
Front and back monitoring through door cameras

Access Control

Electric door striker control
Wireless door striker control

Information Service

Time, date and weather forecast
50 community messages (bulletins)
50 expense messages
50 my messages


Customization of ring tone and background (plug-and-play, SD memory card)
Brightness and volume adjustification

Elevator Control

Built-in elevator control relay
Built-in elevator authorization relay


Screen lock for clean: automatic unlock when receiving incoming calls
Offline self-diagnostics notice on user interface

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