Solar energy


Solar energy is radiant light and heat from the sun harnessed using a range of ever-evolving technologies such as solar heating, solar photovoltaic, solar thermal electricity, solar architecture and artificial photosynthesis.

Solar technologies are broadly characterized as either passive solar or active solar depending on the way they capture, convert and distribute solar energy. Active solar techniques include the use of photovoltaic panels and solar thermal collectors to harness the energy. Passive solar techniques include orienting a building to the Sun, selecting materials with favorable thermal mass or light dispersing properties, and designing spaces that naturally circulate air.


MITRAMAX Solar Power Station

MitramaxMITRAMAX™ Solar PV Power Station from APLAB is your own God given Green Renewable Energy Source. It is a high-tech, rugged and dependable Solar Power Station consisting of multiples of MITRAMAX™ Panel Modules in parallel. MITRAMAX™ Solar PV Panel Modules with a regulated DC output of 220V are used in case of all SPS ratings. This power from Sun can be stored in batteries or directly fed into SPS Inverter to derive the required AC Power for your use. The Energy stored in the batteries can provide the required back up time during non-solar hours.

System Configuration

APLAB offers MITRAMAX Solar Power Stations in four different power rating. The A C Outputs are available in power rating of 5kVA and 10kVA with Single Phase 230V output and 15kVA and 27kVA with Three Phase Four wire Output of 400V Line to Line. The typical  System Configuration of MITRAMAX SPS will consist of

  • APLAB Solar Power Station Inverter of appropriate rating
  • MITRAMAXTM 200W Solar Source Modules with 220VDC Output of specified numbers.
  • VRLA Batteries to suit the required back up period
  • Mains Line Charger with PFC in Hybrid Option for supplementary charging
  • Prefab mounts and accessories for its mounting and installations


System Features

  • Pure Sine Wave regulated Clean AC power.
  • Panel Embedded MPPT Charge Controller and DC/DC Boost Converter
  • Cost of power from MITRAMAX SPS is less than half of Diesel Gen-set power in case full power is utilized throughout its life of 20 years
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Meets IEC 61215:2005, EN 61215:2005 & EN61000-6-1:2007
  • Designed for Endurance in Indian Environment
  • APLAB Reputed Quality and Field Service with a patented Technology
  • Eligible for Govt of India Subsidy as Diesel Gen-set replacement

Use Pattern —PDU and PNU

Solar power utilization depends on the user communities. Commercial and Office users need the power mainly during the day time and domestic and rural communities need it predominantly during the post Sunset period. ARAB has therefore developed solutions for both these Use Patterns. PDA stands for Predominantly Day Use and PNU for Predominantly Night Use.