PA and Conference System


A “Public Address” system is anything that amplifies sound so more people can hear it. The most basic example might be a megaphone, or single microphone and speaker, used to make someone’s voice louder. These days most PA systems are used for music too. Prices vary widely, anywhere from several thousands for a little karaoke set up to several lakhs for just one of music concert speakers. A few things that affect choices for a PA system include: The kind of music or speech being played

  • The kind of music or speech being played
  • How loud it needs to play
  • The space where it’s being used
  • How portable it needs to be
  • Who is running the system
  • Desired sound quality and durability
  • Cost

The PA system was initially designed for the social function like entertainment, seminar, presentation, cultural programs etc. Now a days PA System is essential at   important public places, residential and commercial buildings, parking places, universities & schools, hospitals, shopping complexes etc.

Conference System is a unique system for conferences and meetings in government, corporate, educational and hotel applications. The system provides communications for conferences and boardrooms. The system can be incorporated with PA System also.

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Public Address (PA) and Voice Alarm

PA, Commercial Sound and Emergency Sound
PA, Commercial Sound and Emergency SoundOur ideal solutions for small-to-midsized locations focus on versatility, reliability and ease of use





Digital PA and Emergency Sound
Digital PA and Emergency SoundOur fully digital public address, voice evacuation systems meet all the requirements placed by professional users








MicrophoneOur Microphones offer impressive audio performance for public address and many other applications










LoudspeakersOur loudspeakers provide an overall lower cost of ownership. All of its acoustical products meet, or exceed, international standards







Conference System


DCN multimedia Conference System DCN multimedia Conference System







DCN Conference Solutions

DCN Conference SolutionsDCN Conference Solutions offer versatility, high audio quality and data transmission while providing complete control over your conference proceedings

CCS 900 Ultro Discussion System
CCS 900 Ultro Discussion SystemCCS 900 Ultro Discussion System offers new design features and extra functions, including a patent-pending “Possible-To-Speak” indication

Integrus – Wireless Language Distribution System
Integrus - Wireless Language Distribution SystemOur Integrus system is an infra-red language and audio distribution system that provides the users with versatile language and audio distribution