Home Automation


Home Automation is the integration of all different electrical systems in the house. This integration connects individual working electrical systems and circuits into a network which enables the generation of new functionalities. However, this hardware integration is not the only aim of domotics. Thanks to these integrated relationships, an intelligent connection offers more than the sum of its individuals parts. There are many ways in which the extra value of this solution is manifested. Sometimes the added value is strictly technical. Another time it offers an obvious addition to comfort or safety.

COMFORT | Your time

It is a pleasant, reassuring thought that you don’t have to remember to switch off the heating after opening the bedroom window in the morning or to know that on a hot sunny day the cooling system will only operate when the window is closed. You don’t have to worry that electrical curtains will be damaged accidentally if operated while the window was left open. Your domotics system refuses to close the curtain as long as the window is opened and kindly informs you with a small message why the curtain is still not closed.


SAFETY | Have control

By integrating the different electrical systems, domotics creates a more safe and secure feeling. At the end of a tiring working week it is a great comfort to nestle yourself near your partner in a cosy chair and with the remote control, bring the living room to your ideal mood: the up-lighter glowing softly and a romantic melody floating in the air.





AURUS-2 | Two button glass design
AURUS-4 | Four button glass design
AURUS | Family
AURUS-OLED | Eight button glass design
AURUS-TFT | Touch screen glass design


LATUS | Sixteen button touch panel
LATUS-LCD | All-round specialist for central control
LATUS FRONT PLATES | The finishing touch


MAIOR | Wall touch screen




INTERFACE | Universal A/V and Learnable IR Interface


ACCESS CONTROL | Safety and comfort


GUI+ | For PC


iSGUI | For Smart Phones and iPad


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