GPS Tracking System


GPS tracking system is designed to give business owners clear, concise information on the efficiencies of their mobile workforce.  GPS Tracking system is user-friendly, feature rich and provides a high return on investment.  A GPS tracking system will provide detailed information on fuel consumption, speeding exceptions, unauthorized trips, engine diagnostics and much more.

 Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS Mobile Solutions tracking applications provide real-time vehicle location along with a detailed trip history with just a few clicks.  You will be able to see when driver breaks policy for speeding, idling, unauthorized trips and much more.

Trips and Activity Reporting

GPS Mobile Solutions provides a detailed trip history showing the exact time a vehicle arrives, leaves and total duration of stop.  It will be possible to see customized reports that provide a more in-depth view of key areas of concern such as time spent at office, drive-time to customer locations, vehicle congregation, and weekly time cards.