Fire Alarm system


Eram Support Services are dealers of a full line of fire alarm, fire detection, fire control and fire suppression solutions to keep people and valuable assets safe.  From environmentally friendly clean agent and inert gas fire suppression systems to technologically advanced intelligent fire alarm systems, video image and early warning detection, Eram Support Services has the fire protection solution to fit your application.


Choosing the right fire protection solution is critical to ensuring your facility is appropriately protected. Eram Support Services offer an extensive selection of products to cover wide range of applications.


Fire protection systems are effective, easy to use, and safe for people, key assets, facilities and the environment. Whether your needs are industrial, commercial or special hazard applications, we’ve got you covered.

We are the dealers of professional file alarm system from SCHRACK




Developed for mankind.

Great value is placed on safety. At Schrack Seconet, we have made it our duty to develop systems and solutions for people to increase their safety, thereby making the world a safer place. Our products represent the highest level of technology, are easy to operate and help build confidence. The development of reliable fire alarm systems has a tradition in our company. Considerable investment in research and development, as well as representation in international bodies and co-operation with technical universities, fire prevention bodies, fire brigade associations and testing institutes guarantee that our products are not only able to boast cutting edge technology, but that they also assume a pioneering role in working to ensure the security of people and valuables.

SchrackComplete redundancy as a matter of principle.

A fire alarm control panel’s job is to detect a fire at the earliest possible point in time. However, this is not possible, when a single fault is sufficient to prevent it from functioning properly. For this reason our modular fire alarm control panels are fully redundantly constructed, so that they ensure an absolute ability to function: Two independent systems are housed in one single fire alarm control panel. If a fault occurs in the active half of the system, then the system automatically switches over to using the functional part of the system. All the functions of the entire fire detector system remain fully and completely available – even in the event of a fault.

Integral IP MX Fire Alarm Control Panel

Integral IP MXF Fire Alarm Control Panel
Integral IP MXE Multiple Zone Extinguishing System Control Panel

Integral IP CX & BX Compact Control Panels

Integral IP CXF Fire Alarm Control Panel
Integral IP CXE Single Zone Extinguishing System Control Panel
Integral IP BX Fire Alarm Control Panel

Displays, Operation and Overview

Integral MAP External Operating Panels
High-end Operating Panel
Integral PIP Parallel Indicator Panel
Fire Brigade Control Panels & Indicator Panels
Integral VirtualMAP
SecoLOG Fire Alarm Management System

Fire Detectors

Multiple Sensor Detector MTD 533X
Detector Base USB 501
Ventilation Duct Detector LKM 531
Manual call point MCP 535X
Manual Call Point MCP 545X

Special fire alarm systems

SPC-E Linear Smoke-Detector
ILIA Beam Detector
ECO Linear Smoke Detector
MMD 130 Ex-i Multiple Sensor Detector
Flame Detector
Linear Temperature Detector
ADW 511 Linear Heat Detector

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